HEAL Fashion lab, Paris
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Les Heal, a combination of Hervé and Alice.  When they met ten years ago, Hervé was in photography where he was fond of seeking out pure lines and geometric constructions celebrated by the Bauhaus in other times, and Alice, who had been a fine arts school student  where she had developed an instinctive, graphic and surrealistic universe.  Hervé and Alice Reydellet-Koelich fell in love at first sight because they liked to look into those areas where so few in the fashion business dared to venture.

After collaborating with Christian Lacroix for several years and experimenting with new materials for haute couture, they began to weave their own additional talents and combine the strictness of lines with the contours of patterns.  Textiles were approached with a visual artist's eye and the intuition of a scientist doing research in experimenting and transforming matter.

Alchemists?  Doubtless a little, with the portion of mystery which that entails . . . Everything in that duo surprises, their controlled manner of both approaching yet unexplored areas and moving forward with the smiling elegance and daring determination of those who are in their own world.

Les Heals' creations speak of something that we no longer remember . . . human anatomy, the body's structure, our animal and organic nature and our evolution in a scientific and technological era.  There is something surrealistic, ironic in the choices of certain of the fabrics used and their connections with the patterns chosen, such as the bas-reliefs to which incredibly light and fluid fabrics bring volume.  There is always a contrast of sensations between the structured lines and volumes and the gossamer softness of the backing:  knitted fabrics, silks, luxurious jerseys combined with technological materials.  A refined and tailored streetwear spirit always with styling demands, distinctive luxury and casual attitudes.