HEAL Fashion lab, Paris
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« The adventure is not a pleasing cruise. Wether it is day or night, wether the sea is calm or the tempest is bursting, the boat has to be led. From the ship's hold to the cockpit, the crew works to fulfill the mission »
Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Bernard, Danielle Drouet from La Ferté Confection, and Christophe Alexandre, turbo-sail of our ship, who enabled us to reach the goal of our expedition.

Thanks to Kuki De Salvertes, Jonathan Frydman as well as Totem's team who were our compass from the beginning. Thank you to have believed in us and to have trusted us.

Thanks to our « lil' Cousteau girls » on stilt who braved every obstacles with grace, and who sublimated this trip. Alexia, Ambre, Anna, Annlyse, Clémentine, Diwaëlle, Olivia and Valentine.

Thanks to Edween, our creature from the seabeds, for her beautiful person and her smile..

Thanks to our ultrasound clown fish group, Leslie, Elise and Valentin, the Dish Washer Incorporation, who knew so well how to sing our clothes.

Thanks to Seb Bascke, our incredible creeper braider hairstylist with golden fingers, who will have overcome every obstacles.

Thanks to Ludovic Engrand, Aline and all the Shu Uemura team who transformed our « lil' Cousteau girls » in iridescent mermaids and in abysmal creatures.

Thanks to Nathalie Elharar, Larare's stilt, who taught our « Lil' Cousteau girls » how to walk life flamingos. Thanks also to Agniezka Paluch and to her handsome associate from Zobels, who pampered our creatures with stones, coral, pearls, and diamonds caught in unexplored deep seas.

Thanks to our photographs/video director in backstage, Benjamin Lambinet, Guillaume Aujean, Pierre Lucet-Penato and Maxime Llorens who knew how to capture the electrical magic of this day.

Thanks to Hector Perez from Door Studio, Lisa Paclet as well as P.O, who immortalized the collection during these two unforgettable days, in a remote cabin.

Thanks to our two frogman, the webmaster Michel-Ange Kuntz who propelled us on the intergalactic trail thanks to his super sonic turbo engine, and David Fanfani, the analogical deep diver graphic designer.

Thanks to Lalala production, Melle Agnès and Loic Prigent who drove us in the mediatic abyss. And thanks to Mathilde Le Postec and Willy, our albinos dolphins with video cameras who captured some lifetime moments on board of Heal ship.

Thanks to Ridou, André Bénamou, Remi and Fredo from Broncolor, as well as Fred from Studio Zero for their electromagnetic light and all their material worthy of the Calyspo, who will have illuminated this day.

And a great thanks to Agnès De Rozières and all the aquatic intern bee team always operational in their internal lab. Braves and invested against sleepless nights, creatures and creators unexpected from the deep seas. Camille, Coline, Frank, Héloïse, Kim, Léa, Lisa, Manuella, Soeren, Stéphanie and Wenzing.

And a big thanks, as deep as the ocean, to our two wonderful creature-assistants from precious waters, like two desirable pearls wanted by all the greatests gold seekers of the whole wide world: Claire and Fanny.

Without forgetting Marcello, our faithful webbed dog, who doesn't know how to sew, to embroider, to photoshop, nor to facebook, but who always gave us his love and to warn us of danger.

Thanks to all of you, a creative energy wind will have drove us in this aquatic journey...Thanks again.

The Heal team.